Purchasing a Grave Site

Purchasing a grave site can be accomplished by stopping in the parish business office during normal business hours.  However, it is advisable to call ahead to ensure that someone will be available to assist.  A purchase agreement will be filled out, with a copy given to the owner for his or her records.  A copy of the cemetery rules and regulations will also be provided at that time.

Full payment must be received at the time of purchase.  There is no “layaway”, partial payment, or other oral or written agreements that will be entered into that somehow “reserve” a grave.

Pricing and Fees:

Currently, the price of a single grave at either Sts. Peter & Paul and Sacred Heart cemeteries are as follows (based on prices established July 1, 2016):

Registered Parishioner In good standing (defined as having been registered with the parish for at least one year):  $700.00.  All others: $1,400.00.  OLP reserves the right to change pricing at any time.  At this time, the purchase of a grave site includes perpetual care.  However, marking fees are not included.

A burial marking fee is charged at the time of burial.  This ensures that the correct grave is located and marked so that it is properly opened and closed.

A monument marking fee is charged whenever a monument is to be erected or placed at either the head or the foot of a grave.  This ensures that the monument is placed in the correct location by the monument company.

Military markers are allowed in our cemeteries for placement at the foot of a grave.  We work with the local VA for installation.  There are no fees for installation and any and all marking fees related to the installation of a military marker are waived.